The bestowed summit

The Bestowed Summit

Nothing less than a pure panoramic view: Chäserrugg – Hinterrugg and back

From Chäserrugg station you can climb over the ridge to reach the summit of Hiterrugg in less than 15 minutes. Nothing spoils the view from the highest of the seven mountain-tops of Churfirsten mountain range. Those who love architecture will also appreciate a different perspective of the summit restaurant. Should you decide not to return to Chäserrugg by cable car, each of the trails will safely take you back to the station.

Chäserrugg – Hinterrugg - Chäserrugg
Suited for Hiker with good slip resistance
Start/Target Summit station Chäserrugg
Hiking time 45 minutes
Length 1.5km
Height difference 44m
Difficulty level ambitious (T2)