Good to know

Good to know
Here you can find some important information, on how to best prepare your child for the group class.

Have your equipment checked every season before skiing for the first time by a sports retailer. During this check your skis should be prepared and the bindings checked. Children only need ski poles when they reach the Blue Star level. The ski boots need to fit perfectly. Therefore, it is recommendable, to rent ski boots at the sports retailer, so that you can always switch boots, if they don't fit anymore. Please make sure, that you dry the ski boots properly after every time you use them and that they are nicely warm and dry the next day. We recommend, that all children wear helmets. The safety helmet must fit well and should be combined with fitting ski goggles.

To prevent pressure marks, your child should only wear one pair of ski socks. Do not put long underwear and the snow guard of your ski pants into the ski boots. Please make sure, that your child has sufficient warm clothing around the kidney area. And that it fits nicely and is tugged in properly, so that even when your child moves around, the skin is not exposed to cold air. Please always be aware of the current weather situation and the temperatures. Also, make sure, that your child does not sweat before the skiing lesson starts. We recommend writing names onto all exterior clothing, so that it can be found easily again later.

Protection from sun and wind
Protect your child's face with the daily application of sunblock. Also, it is important to wear ski goggles, that fit the helmet and protect the eyes and a part of the face of your child.

Child care
Accompany your child to the meeting point and hand over your child to the skiing instructor. As soon as your child wears a west from the ski school, it is under the supervision of our skiing instructor. Your child will follow the lesson better, if it cannot see you. Your mobile phone number is kept on the ticket of the ski school and the office of the ski school. In case of need, the instructor or the office will call you. We kindly ask you to pick up your children timely from the meeting point. Until your child is not being picked up by you, the child remains under our supervision. Should your child be allowed to walk home on its own, you must notify the office and skiing instructor.

Ski ticket
All children, that use the lifts with the ski school have to have a ski ticket. The training lifts of the ski school (magic carpet and pony lift) are included in the training fee. The ski ticket for the lifts is only included in the price if you purchased one of our combined offers.

Children below the age of 6, who leave the “kids land” with the ski school and who use the lifts, can use following tickets:

-Single tickets (will be sold by the skiing instructor at the end of the lesson)
-point tickets (for the training lifts in Iltios point cards are available)
-2 hour tickets (for the lifts in “Alt St. Johann a 2 hour ticket can be purchased)
-5 day ticket for small children (children who ride in the entire area)

Children above 6 years of age, who only drive in the “kids land” (absolute beginners) need in Iltios only a return ticket for the funicular railway and no ticket in “Alt St. Johann”.
Please make sure, that when your child changes its jacket, that also the ticket is being put in the new jacket. Should you have any questions, please contact us, so that we can guide you on the best solution for you.